It’s already November -2018

How and when time flies so fast !!! In every December I start jotting down my new year's resolution,even if it means to have only one item on my list. Surprisingly this year I have accomplished all my resolutions  yayyy ! There is a say , resolutions are made to not fulfill but when you … Continue reading It’s already November -2018


A decade !!

Seriously can't believe my blog has completed a whole decade of its existence..not that I kept it very active in recent times..but still my this baby is standing tall,giving me loads of memories and moments to cherish through my writing. In last 3-4 years social media has taken over my desire of writing any elaborate … Continue reading A decade !!


My dad was(Now retired from service) a State govt.officer,which means he used to get transferred to new places every 3 yrs. and I loved the entire process of shifting/setting up in the new places as a kid. So,V and I had to travel to San Francisco,California (for long-term) during my pregnancy. Both set of parents … Continue reading Relocation

Hey ya

Hi guys...... Surprised to see me here after long time?? I know you all are đŸ˜€ I have this habit of switching off completely..well there's been almost 7 months since I posted last. Lot of water has flown under bridge and I was too busy unfolding new chapters every now n then. So how you … Continue reading Hey ya