My dad was(Now retired from service) a State govt.officer,which means he used to get transferred to new places every 3 yrs. and I loved the entire process of shifting/setting up in the new places as a kid. So,V and I had to travel to San Francisco,California (for long-term) during my pregnancy. Both set of parents … Continue reading Relocation


Back from ashes

Its been ages(half a decade to be precise) since I logged on here. Life has changed sooooo soooo much in this time for me. To the knowledge of my blogger friends, V and I are blessed with twin daughters in the year 2014 🙂 and life has been a true roller coaster ride since then. … Continue reading Back from ashes

Hey ya

Hi guys...... Surprised to see me here after long time?? I know you all are 😀 I have this habit of switching off completely..well there's been almost 7 months since I posted last. Lot of water has flown under bridge and I was too busy unfolding new chapters every now n then. So how you … Continue reading Hey ya

Bizzie B

Is what I have been for past few days. Its been almost more than 2 months, V and I are rushing out to some or the other place every weekend or some guests are visiting over..mostly weekends are busy than my weekdays. This routine made us exhausted to the was the first day in … Continue reading Bizzie B