S/W Engineers’s Art Mela…!

Kho na jaye ye..Taare Zameen Par…famous title song of very famous and touching movie by none other than our very own Aamir Khan….Neverthless to say TZP has a very special place in everybody’s heart..it has invented exceptionally good concept of “Art Mela” where everybody has to DRAW..same was the concept adopted by my office recently..just to boost hidden talent amongst techies and make them relax..finally the D-Day arrived, I was very excited about this event as i always loved drawing/paintings and had done enough before becoming an IT professional..however since long time i had not even touched brush or colour..So I just wanted to be myself and enjoy… everybody started putting their thoughts,”ART “on white paper with pencil,colours and there i was in middle of all thinking of what to draw and what not..the final version of my drawing/painting is not actually final till date.:-)) I submitted it to the event management team in the as it is format(after 2 hrs of hardwork πŸ˜‰ ) one question about my painting was consistent throughout the evening..”What’s this??” hehhehhehe….how would i explain..what was that?? a free-hand drawing?? Modern Art??or just odd collection of colours?? i replied politely whatever you may call it. 10/15 winners were announced amongst 800-900 paintings obviously mine was not supposed to be even in the BEST ATTEMT category hahahahaha, result was as expected…afterwards office decided to arrange an internal Auction for paintings and donate the collection to an orphanage..20 best pictures were selected for an Auction..and to my surprise..mine was there hanging on that wall of fame in the cafeteria..i was heading towards that wall suddenly a voice came from opposite direction..”See your painting is there…But What’s the theme behind it????????????????” i ceased there……

3 thoughts on “S/W Engineers’s Art Mela…!

  1. Art mela is a cool thing.. I remember when I was in US – Symbol Motorola.. there was an event where in parents can bring their kids age 9 or less to office for a day tour.. and the way they had arranged everything awesome and worth an appreciation.Kaam paise k liye hota hain kuch hadh tak, kuch aisi cheeze bahot zaroori hain jo zindagi ko jeena ka sahi anjaam deti hain….πŸ™‚

  2. Welcome to the world of Blogging.Great first attempt! Infact too good for the first time.Keep the good work on…

  3. Hmmm… Everytime you do not have an answer for everthing u do (or draw)… When u know what u draw, ur mind is at work but when u don’t know then ur heart is at work… and it is more important…Nice warm up… The marathon (of words)is yet to begin…All the bestπŸ™‚~Sattu Boss

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