I don’t precisely remember what was my first interaction with her but yes it was a phone call across the continents related to some issue i was facing as a newcomer in the team,don’t know why but initially i was very nervous to talk to her however that first conversation itself made me fall in love with her.She is the one who tops list of ppl whom i admire most in my life..She has an insatiable curiosity,chronically alert observational skills, she is, actually,beyond my powers of description…
Meg,my team leader..the dynamic lady i ever come across,A charming personality..determined and dedicated for whatever she pursues.. I was fortunate enough to spend 3 odd months with her in USA during my onsite tenure.During these days i got to know lot of her qualities and abilities.She always believes in women power, believes that there is nothing that women can not do in this world.Best thing about her is her understanding and caring nature.. It was our first visit to USA,After meeting her in office for initial 2-3 days when she came to know that we girls from India had no means to contact our families back home other than telephone calls..she asked us whether we need any laptop ( ofcourse to be in touch with families)..initially we hesitated but she was very persistent..she had a laptop in spare, she did some basic required installations on laptop whole night..just to bring it for us in office next day:-)

This moment touched my heart a lot..the fact was she being from totally different culture, realised how Indian culture is..and how Indian ppl are protective and worried about their daughters,wives,sisters at various times..So it was an authentic effort on her part to make our life easier in a new country. Generally nobody bothers about other’s personal life in professional world..But Meg was an exception to it.She always said we are like a family..and we are here to do some great engineering ๐Ÿ™‚

The warm guesture provided by Meg and the time we spent together in Nashua is most cherished and very close to my heart..can you imagine..a team leader preparing cookies and bringing in office JUST for you? Can you imagine a team leader keeping 2 Harmony show passes exclusively for you? can you imagine a team leader taking you to a different restaurant in city every Wednesday ? can you imagine a team leader taking you for City’s tour when you are very new in the city? Can you imagine a team leader accompanying you to post office to post some important documents?? I would say though FEW things you would imagine your team lead doing for you BUT i bet no one would be doing that extra mile which Meg did for us.

People say one should never love their company but job, because they will never know when their company will stop loving them..However i was in love with my company because of very few and unique ppl like Meg..from whom i learnt numerous important things..each moment spent with them has taught me a new thing..which has given a new meaning to my life..Somebody has said,โ€œPeople will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.โ€ and its true ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Meg

  1. Its great that you got a chance to meet great people. Great people always make our lives better. So cherish those memories.

  2. This post of yours was an absolute delight to read! You have written it so very well. and yes, its so true that there are some people you meet in life that leave an indelible mark on your heart… Do share it with Meg.. she would be overwhelmed reading it!

  3. Too good. Felt good to read them all through… I have not come so close to any one so much at onsite, but yeah I definitely know of people who are very caring eventhough being in the corporate world.. which makes me feel the fact that insaniyat nahin mari abhi tak, abhi bhi kuch log hain jo bahot pyare hain aur ache hain.. ๐Ÿ™‚Cool… tc.

  4. Some people do leave an indelible mark in our lives so much so that when they are not with us we want to live those cherished moments we spend with them again, given a chance…I catogrises these people as “genuinely” human not by words but by action…Good flow… Do share this wit MEG…~Sattu Boss

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