Bambai Nagariya…..

Mumbaaaaaaaaaiiiii…..City Of Dreams….city of of of bright futures…The city which never sleeps….
Millions of ppl come to Mumbai in pursuit of their dreams/ambitions…i was one of them when i landed in Mumbai for completing my final years Industrial Training in LnT Infotech..I still remember my first day transit to Powai in local train,BEST that moment i decided to run away from Mumbai..wat a crowd?? How will i survive here if i will be travelling by local train, bus daily?? As days passed by I managed,rather i should say I learnt to travel by local trains 😀 and BEST buses…I was fascinated by Mumbai’s spirit, its fast pace and lifestyle(so wat??? anybody will ) frenz in LnT inspired me to look out for a job while completing training.Being an innocent mediocre girl from protective family,who never stayed away from family..i knew its impossible for me or for my parents to allow me to stay alone in Mumbai and that’s too for JOB.But still i wanted to give it a try 😉

Started looking out for job and luckily got one immediately.It was a US-based startup software firm in India,located at Marine Lines in south Mumbai.My joy knew no bounds,now the biggest challenge was to convince my parents to allow me work there..Papa was very reluctant to let me accept this offer but i was persistent.Finally we both agreed on, me working ONLY for 3 months in the company and then coming back home 😀 Then onwards a new chapter unfolded in my life Sweety, my classmate too coincidently joined the same company and now i had her company.Accomodation problem was solved with the help of another classmates’ cousin sis,who rented her apartment to us and we started living/managing our life independently in Mumbai.

Daily travel to Andheri station by BEST and then Churchgate bound local train to Marine Lines became an integral part of our life…It seemed my ONLY 3 months
passed in mere 3 days. Probation period was over and i was a confirmed employee in company..To my utmost surprise..Papa extended my stay by another 6 months 😛 and life was going on..everyday.. Mumbai life was unfolding new(good) chapter, molding my life in one n the other way…and i was being transformed into an independent girl having her own thought process, with changed view of life and experiences.So this 6 months’ restriction never bothered me as my lil sis too later joined me in Mumbai to work as S/W Engineer..

I continued living/working in Mumbai till a new phenomenon called “Marriage” happened to me :-)) Nevertheless to say Mumbai is the city which changed my perspective towards life and will always have a soft corner in my heart….

12 thoughts on “Bambai Nagariya…..

  1. I so can relate to your feelings MS !! And me too miss Mumbai to the core and you know that already !!

    We must have this ‘Mumbai Madness’ Club 🙂

  2. Its wonderful when the city changes you for the better !!! Gives you so much to hope for in life and WOW, I think Mumbai does this to everyone. 🙂

  3. I have born and brought up in Mumbai. I have seen the city closely perhaps. I know it to the core. I have been to numerous places in Mumbai. I love the local trains, sill and stupid it may seem. But I just love it. If u have not travelled in a local train in Mumbai, then boss u have missed an experience in life. If you have not had an encounter with a bus conductor or driver in BEST then you have missed an experience in life 🙂 Indeed this city never stops. 🙂 I am proud to be a mumbaite. Yes staying away from family makes u a different person. Every bird has to leave the nest some day. Unless and until u wudnt you may not find experiences coming ur way. It is lucky on ur part that you papa let you “live ur life” 🙂 Good. As they say, rest is history and so we all know about u.. and ofcourse I know ur “lil” sister well 🙂 Nothing to say about it 😉tc.

  4. Good writing… the best thing about it is that nothing feels made up… everything comes straight from your heart… Keep it up!

  5. As it is rightly said in one of the hindi songs of an oldie…”Ek bhi Bandar nahin phir bhi naam Baandra, Church ka gate hai Church hai lapata” 🙂This is truely the city where you will find many strange things.I am also one of the millions who come here to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. To tell you the truth, my childhood wish was to travel to Mumbai and go to ABs bunglow and say hi to him, well that wish is not yet fulfilled but many other good things that I never wished happened after I came here.What I like the most about this city is that even though the life of a common man seems to be stationary in fast moving local trains, everybody finds a way or the other to enjoy and move on with life.Nowadyas I often think, “Is it going to be easy for me to just leave Mumbai and go to some ther place if I have to?” Really a difficult one to answer.

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