“Akka” means elder sis in Tamil/Telugu/Kannada languages,that’s what Savithri used to call me.The moment somebody answered door bell for her…she will ask for “Akka” in her unique style ! A girl with dark complexion and typical south Indian rural attire,My owner had brought her to me since i was in need of domestic help in household. The only language she knew on this planet was “Telugu & Kannada”. And My struggle to communicate with her started on Day 1 itself, for few days we both communicated using sign language :-)) Later on,slowly slowly i started learning Telugu key- words used in day-to-day interactions…it was fun to communicate with her in little known Telugu words and sign language.

She was merely 14/15 yrs old.Her curiosity,liking for cleanliness and sharp memory were the strong parts of her personality. Also she was a brilliant observer. As a newly married,for some time non-working girl, i found good company in Savithri…she was the one who used to accompany me everywhere in day time may it be grocery-shop, to pay electricity bill or to purchase vegetables..the big advantage was, she used to bargain for me in Kannada :-))

I still remember on some South Indian festival she obligatorily made me put Rangoli in our porch :-)). Quite often she scolded me for not having proper breakfast/lunch.. just like any other beloved family member, who cares for us.In such a small age she was extremely mature, understanding and honest girl.Being illiterate she often amazed me with her wisdom.She had a preconceived notion about Boys..In her opinion all boys are MEAN..especially if they are Husbands :-))

One fine day when i asked her, she is so small then y she needs to work? and i was shocked by her reply….she is only sis of 3 brothers who are happily married and are staying in village in their ancestral house..her brothers and their wives abandoned Savithri and her mom..whom a generous family provided shelter in a city like B’lore..Both mom n daughter were working hard to make their life and Savithri’s future ( I meant Dowry here !!!! )..what ever Savithri was earning 2/3K /month..An aunty from that generous family used to deposit in the bank for Savithri.

Time flies like anything, Savithri became an integral part of my household for entire 2.5 yrs during our B’lore tenure, and suddenly the decision of Pune relocation came into reality..amongst few other things i was equally feeling bad for loosing out Savithri 😦 The one who never needed any kind of supervision….She also felt bad when i disclosed this news to her.However it was beyond her understanding that why am i leaving B’lore..On last day she came to bid me an adieu and uttered one sentence “Akka Meeru Ekkada ki vellina, Na lanti panimanishi dorakadu….” i.e.”Akka….wherever you go in this won’t get maid like ME”..neverthless to say its True !

18 thoughts on “Savithri

  1. 😦 i miss my ajii and yashoda ma.these were two maids who were with me in bangalore through thick and thin.My roomie and i used to be dependent on them for everything,we still go to bang once a year and meet them :).the best part is hubby and me are moving to bang soon and will get them home :).why dont u call your previous owner and check on Savithri,I am sure she will thrilled and happy to know you care 😀

  2. Aww people like her do present us with a way of hope in the so-called big bad world 🙂
    God bless her 🙂 Ya, its not easy to get a pani-manishi like her 🙂 Lovely post 🙂

  3. True…so touching is her love for you….

    I still miss my house-hold help, who I had in Hyd. We still talk to each other over phone – she enquires abt my daughters – there is so much love even when we have got together for 2 to 3 years – its hard to believe and its hard to be away from them also.

    Lovely post….the last line says it all.

  4. 😦 This one is really a touching blog. This is life and we have to move on. By the way, You were really lucky enough to have such a maid nahin to bangalore ki maids to rula deti hai yaar 😉

  5. Yeh wala ekdum emotional touch tha. I liked it. I myself can feel it. People who think from heart more always find attachments to people who also think from heart very easily. And then the attachment can be between any one. Like in your case a maid and a maam. Bhagwan dukh un ko hii deta hain jin main jhelne ki taqat hoti hooo. Patha nahin kyun aisa hain, but shayad dukh se insaan aur bhi strong hoo jata hain and eventually matured bhi. I have seen those who have had less bad moments in life always been around easily. Nice to read this one. 🙂tc.

  6. That was so touching! reminded me of our maid in ranchi…U develop some so special bonds with them at times that they become an integral part of ur family….

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