25 Blasts : India shaken,stirred

8 Blasts in Bangalore” was the shaking news on Friday afternoon..followed by 17 more blasts on very next day in Ahemadabd,Gujrath, 20 live bombs were recently detected and defused in diamond hub, Surat….
So many Casualties…blood pools..bodies…cries…bemoan…Silence…This is very gruesome act led by cold-blooded anti social elements… Motive behind such blasts are unknown…Terror has no face indeed…

One obvious question comes in mind…where are we heading?? I am the person in 21st century..I am witnessing the changing face, progressing face of my country Information Technology,N-Deal,Bio-Tech so many fields and unlimited growth of individuals and our nation…but where is life? where is security?? People living in Metros literally,live under threat !! In morning when they step out of home..no guarantee that they will return home safely in the evening 😦 Same is the case seems to be with 2-tier cities henceforth…May the innocent souls victims of this
bomb blasts rest in peace…

3 thoughts on “25 Blasts : India shaken,stirred

  1. Madam…The best thing we can do as individuals is to pray; not only for the dead but for the alives too… also for those lunatics who in the name of Jeehad have completely forgotten the value of life…Let god give some wisdom to them… ~Sattu

  2. It was such a dreadful thing…specially Ahmedabad, the intention was to traumatize sick and grieving people by attacking a hospital.This is not even terrorizing!! This is inhuman homicide!!

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