Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day falls on First Sunday of August month every year…This Friendship Day took me back to my college days…….My preparations before Friendship Day, Visits to various shops in search of an unique/different Friendship Bands,some exciting gift for my kiddo sis (she is my bestest friend ), Whole atmosphere in college used to be filled with loads of excitement and enthu……for some guys it was a fair chance to initiate friendship with any special girl ;-). There was an unspoken protocol of judging a person by number of Friendship bands he/she was having on his/her hand :-)). A short snacks party..visits to nearby places with frenz..randomly decided movie plans..such small small things were so exciting and thrilling……Those were the days having their own beauty filled with innocence and charm of Friendship….!

One fine day, all of us got busy with our lives…long working hours… No calls…No chats.We might not even have time for ourselves……On such a day, you will look outside the window, n see the good old memories flashing by…With a smile on your face, n a tear in your eye…….you will turn back to your work, thinking, “I wish I could go back…”
A Friendship day wish to all those friends, who helped me create such memories…Thanx for being my friend !!!


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