Whatever it may be…!

Long back i have read somewhere that if you go to bed with good/Pleasant mind the same mood reflects when you get up next day.In nutshell i am not in good mood today….I am anxious don’t know why?? Maybe i m somewhat bored with this stupid monotonous routine of mine 😦

I always feel, going ahead in life when i will look back and analyze the days bygone..i am gonna regret for NOT taking enough time out to pursue the thingsi always wanted to…I am an avid reader and always love to read books..like to do shopping though i am not fully shopoholic..I am a dancer,singer loves to go to discs on Fridays/Saturdays nites,I like to paint canvas,so many things to list here…However this profession keeps me occupied 5 days a week and Saturday/Sunday isdedicated to finish household pending stuff and a little rest…New week starts with almost same anxiety and restlessness….Ohh god give me the strength to be able to take some time out pursue my hobbies ! And Little time for MYSELF !

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