Happy Diwali…!

Diwali…..festival of lights,festival of brightness,festival of family unions,festival of happiness…today is Friday..and its a getaway for upcoming diwali festival…Diwali is always very special for every Indian in every sense…Every household’ preparation for diwali starts a month in advance.
As a kid in school i desperately used to wait for long 15 days diwali vacations and fun days…Frantic wait for new clothes,mouth watering Mithai’s and Fire-crackers………..
My Mom used to make us all awake in early morning(say by dawn) to fire the crackers BUT only after taking bath.Though now-a-days shopping is not limited ONLY for “Diwali” or Dasera..every day is a shopping day..so attraction of new clothes on diwali is fading…Happiness in small small things is also vanishing..But still Diwali is the only festival which brings back lot of excitement and enthusiasm of celebration 🙂
It’s 6pm and i am still in the office 😦 waiting anxiously for my cab to arrive..i want to leave home early because i am going to my hometown to celebrate diwali with my family hurrrrrrrrrray!!!!
Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous diwali 🙂

One thought on “Happy Diwali…!

  1. Diwali – According to Indian mythology, it is the day when Raja Ram arrived in Ayodhya after winning over Ravan. According to a farmer, it is a post rainy season, post harvest days when he has done all the ploughing for few months of rain, and has sold all his grains, and vegetables to earn for his entire year and he celebrates it. For christians, it is the same… called as the pumpkin festival – Halloween. For an Indian, Diwali definitely means a lot, if you are in India. I had 3 consecutive diwali;s abroad 😦 But I remember each and every diwali I have spend with my Family !🙂

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