“Maher” in Marathi, means ‘Mother’s Home’,a haven of hope,belonging n understanding,where women not only feel love and comfort but are assured of security. I know an NGO called Maher,a shelter for orphan kids and a home for abused and traumatized women who could feel secure, cared for and wanted. Maher is adopted by my Organization. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities,we all 25 team members visited Maher’s one branch in a remote village near Pune on Saturday.

We reached there around 11am and were greeted with a very warm welcome by the kids.Kids were very enthusiastic and shown interest in whatever games, quizzes we arranged for them. Drawing/Painting competition was the major point of attraction Hence we got overwhelming response for it and everybody was busy in drawing/painting for more than one hour. I,myself become a kid for sometime and got involved with them, Truly kids are real innocent creature on this earth !!!!

This visit and experience there proved to be thought provocative for me..though the branch we visited had no orphan kids but there were kids,teenage girls who are less privileged.
Small,small things means a lot to them….A simple dairy-milk chocolate brought joys on their faces,they started jumping and clapping.I believe we elated people always try to pursue
happiness in materialistic things. Contrary to us were the kids..who were smiling,laughing and playing with if we knew each other since long…

I shall really cherish this experience for longer time in my life 🙂

One thought on “Maher

  1. Very very nice, I am jealous with you. I am not getting to do things, like you did 😦Well believe me, whatever you said “choti choti cheeze kabhi kabhi khushiya deti hai”. We have adopted with the fast pace of life and have adjusted ourselves in all kind of materialistic life. We want a cell phone, a jazzy one, we want a laptop with internet, we want all the latest… everything !But we have missed so much so so much 😦 I am not sure, if I am write in using we. But yeah I know I am 😦 But with the hope that some day I shall definitely make it all and cover up for all my losses. I promise I would help and bring smile to all those who need it !tc.

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