Yeh Lamha…

Yeh lamha,filhaal ji lene de…..

Beautiful song from movie, “Filhaal” carries lot of message of living in the present and enjoying it to the fullest ! We human beings are very possessive about everything in life..I clearly remember the final farewell day of my school..we all girls were crying with the thought of leaving school,leaving each other and that beautiful world of innocence…after that whenever we remembered our school days one sentence always came “Gone are The Days”

During my final year college days…at the very moment of our get-togethers..the thought of leaving college and frenz used to make me upset..Now at this stage of life,when i turn back and look at those situations again…i just laugh at myself 🙂 Here in this professional world,changes are bound to happen and we must be accommodative for those changes….even though i am also a part of this industry i still find the earlier version of myself within me sometimes 😉

V has contributed a lot here to change my perspective towards life and helped me in living life to the fullest in our present 🙂 I must say,Marriage has brought lot of positive changes in my life and Filhaal i am enjoying every lamha of my life…

4 thoughts on “Yeh Lamha…

  1. ‘V’ – did i read right!!
    aaaho hoo aaaho… ho ho aaahoo.. wass it … hems.. abhi bhi ‘V’ ..arey naam to lo.. itna bura naam hai kya… ha ha ha 😉

  2. Filhaal is a very nice movie, Gulzar ki daughter ne banayi hui, I remember it very well…feminism was the main topic in the movie. School days / College days / previous job days are all cherished moments which cannot be recreated. All good things come to an end. Things are bound to change you are forced to go ahead and thats all about it…Tc.

  3. “Those” days are “the best days of my life”. Day before yesterday I was rearranging my old school books and I came across my school magazine which was published in ’95 (silver jubliee year of our school). In that magazine one of my first poems was also published. Lot of water has passed under the bridge since then but those days will always be “the best days” of most of us.~Satyakam.

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