Jai Hooo…SlumDog Millionaire…

A.R. Rahman has another feather in his cap and every Indian is proud of him and his achievements today, 2 Oscars for a single movie is not something which you hear everyday 🙂 SlumDog Millionaire,Critically acclaimed movie by British director Danny Boyle,has created history by winning 8 Oscars out of 10 nominations today,It already has few Golden globe awards, and few BAFTA awards in its kitty.

I have watched the movie and liked honest efforts by the director…though i was somewhat shocked to see the movie..i knew whatever shown in the movie is the reality in India’s bigger metro cities..and no Indian can claim that is NOT true.Last week i was talking to one of my American origin friend, she had watched the movie and was asking me whether whatever shown in the movie e.g.Begger Mafia, Girls being exploited etc is the reality?? and i was really embarrassed to answer “Yes” to her question..unfortunately that is the reality and i had accepted it. Though its the reality but it can not be so drastic is what i believe..but then i may not be really aware of the real situations.

Opinions about this movie are diverse in India..People are somewhat angry/upset with the way India and its poverty has been portrayed in modern times like this,when India is progressing at a very high speed. If observed carefully it looks like It’s India’s poverty which is being sold in West. Earlier, other very good Indian movies like “Taare Zameen Par” got nominated for an Oscar but none of them could make it to win even one award in any category..but now this movie,with most of its crew being foreign nationals has grabbed so many awards…I wonder is it really the potential, talent or content of the film which got appreciated Or the negativity/dirty life in slums and its realities attracted people ?? If the Song “Jai Ho” was a simple Hindi movie song entry to Oscar…do you believe it would have received an Oscar?

4 thoughts on “Jai Hooo…SlumDog Millionaire…

  1. A R Rahman is a magician ! That's what I call some one who can create magic with his / her work. Jai Ho is just a token of the master. Anything made by him cannot be simple. The other songs in the movie are awesome. Danny Boyle has chosen a subject based on an Indian novel. Whatever he has shown in the movie is not his thought, but he has just made a 2 hr of non-stop entertainment package which any movie shud have. I was sad when Amitabh himself blogged that India is not as shown and all ? Come on…Look at the +ve side of the movie ? A young kid struggling hard to overcome his past experience who dares everyone and wins !A R Rahman said it all when he took the award, "In life you get both Love & Hate, I choose love and I am here".Tc.

  2. I haven’t yet watched the movie but I have heard the songs.I can defenitly say that this is not the best of the songs that I have heard from A R Rehman.There are scores of other songs which sounds much more butifull that the one’s in this movie. But still this has won the Oscar, why? a question ringing in the ears of probably most of the people in India.

  3. Hi Goldendekhane…yes you are correct..and that is what i meant to say bcoz this production house is based in UK and can afford more lobbying and publicizing as compared our earlier Indian movies,the movie has got lotsa attention and hence nominations,awards etc..does that mean our some genuine movies left ignored due to lack of publicity,lobbying ONLY?

  4. Maverick,Interesting questions. I thoroughly enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire and like the attention that its getting. To some extent I think I have an answer to your question about past Indian nominations. This link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwhD-nbep7k explains the process for picking nominees and winners, which is very fair. But the problem I think is in getting the voting members to watch your movie if you want them to vote for it. This involves heavy lobbying and publicizing (read lots of money!!!) which is a very big difference between previous Indian nominations and Slumdog. Slumdog, moreover is not an Indian movie (it’s a UK production I think), just based in India. Also I think it’s a little unfair to give all credit for the success to Mumbai’s poverty and crime rate instead of the amazing script that kept the audiences glued to their seats.

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