Its been quiet boring day in office today…its 5:45pm and i am tired of reading few documents through out the day 😦 Normally when a new member joins a team he has been given few documents about the project to read and understand(??) Exactly on last Wednesday i have migrated to this department since that time i am living the life of a refugee hehehe Project, Team,Manager nothing has been decided yet and hence no place is allocated to me yet….

Yesterday i have been asked to occupy this interesting desk temporarily..looks like this PC is not in use since ages.. all the necessary software’s are Mr.India(Gayab) here not even the basic installations like Lotus Notes etc to access the mailbox. On top of that this baba-aadam ke jamane ka mouse is also not working so i am utilizing my whole knowledge about “using keyboard”. Without mouse i was feeling partially handicapped yesterday. So today i tried few tricks on the mouse -ball rite from scrubbing,rubbing, washing etc..and to my utmost surprise it worked :-)) and i have some relief today..

Even though i am getting bored till escape for me..can’t run back home early…courtesy my cabbie frenz 😛 will have to wait till everybody finishes their work !!!

4 thoughts on “Blah…Blah..Blah

  1. 🙂 Yu to sab maya hai, but har cheez ka apna maza hota hai & adventure… if u take it as a challenge u will shoot ahead, if u take it as a saddening moment, u wud jst stay there bored 🙂Good….Bahot baar aise hota hai office mai ki u r hell bored 🙂tc.

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