Hobbies Unlimited

The Yaman raga song sung by Deeku in Saturday nite party,left me wondering OMG she is singing Yaman…which is my most favorite Raga so far πŸ™‚ On the return journey back home i was continuously singing the Yaman and V was staring at me with curiosity :-)) He didn’t knew i actually learnt Indian classical music for a while. I had numerous hobbies till date like learning vocal classical music,Kathak(Indian classical dance type) ,canvas painting,Karate :-P, cooking ( I had actually enrolled to few cookery classes during my college days) and experimented a lot on my family :-)) My darling brother never criticised my cooking till date…so sweet of him πŸ™‚

At the one point of time i wanted to be either a doctor,an architect or an interior decorator…but never ever imagined of “S/W Engineer” hmmm…coming back to hobbies again..recently G and i have decided to pursue a new hobby well i won’t reveal much of its detail in advance now…the only excuse everybody including me have is “time nahi hai” and this classic excuse has made me jack of everything and Master of none…ummm it is another fact that i have a Master’s Degree in Comp.Science πŸ˜›

3 thoughts on “Hobbies Unlimited

  1. Me too never expected i wil be a software engineer. I was so dumb that I dint know how to copy data to a floppy in the 3rd year of engineering. And I guess this is where all dumb people end up.PS: good part is we write software for even dumber people πŸ˜‰

  2. LOL…. guess what…. I got a call from top colleges for doing MBBS & BDS (Dentist) & pharmacy, tried for architect after 10th though… "never ever" thought of becoming a s/w engineer. πŸ™‚ But that's all about life. Expecting the unexpected & still just moving ahead. Good to know about ur hobbies…. it is good to have multiple hobbies, u hardly get time to be "bored" πŸ™‚tc.

  3. Madam,This world is for “Jack of all trade” and not for “Master of one”.Keep pursuing… new hobbies~Satyakam

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