Lunch Time

An announcement on sametime : “Guys its 1:15pm how abt lunch?” follows respective responses from ppl.Further 5-10 mins go in winding up the remaining task/sametime chat :-P, Then team starts walking towards cafeteria..
(Ground Floor) Cafeteria Menu
Matki Usal Alu palak Dal navarangi Rice Chapati Salad Pickle
Guy 1 : Usal kaun khayega cafetee me?? šŸ˜¦
Guy 2 : kitna ghatiya menu hai aaj..mujhe eis me se kuch nahi khana
Remaining members in the group start scanning menu once again and try to figure out whether they really want to eat anything out here ..
Girl 1 : Hey lets checkout Level 7 Menu
(Level 7) Cafeteria Menu
Veg Fried Rice Veg Manchurian Rajma Masala combo(Gravy,2 paratha,Raita) Paneer Tikka Veg Hakka Noodles Egg Fried Rice Paneer Fried Rice
Girl 2 : are yaar, kal hi to khaya tha na Chinese food humne šŸ˜¦ Guy1: To aaj Rajma kha lena šŸ˜‰ Girl 2 : Aaj Rajma Masala khane ka bilkool mood nahi hai..taste hoti hai nahi hai oosme kabhi
Guy 3 : Lets look out for another option..How about “Shri-Krishna” guys? Guy 1: woh baju wala chota joint?? Na baba bahot bheed hoti hai waha Girl 1 : Are itani dhoop me kaha jaoge…tanning ho jayega..oopar se iatni garmi me waha kaise baithenge?? Guy 2 : Haan han ein sab ka complexion kharab ho jayega bhai log šŸ˜‰ Girl 2 : Ok let’s look out for another option..How about going somewhere out in good restaurant? good food,good ambience, and cheap rates?
Guy 3 : isiliye to “Shri-Krishna” suggest kiya maine
Girl 3 : Nahi yaar kitna boring hai Krishna ka khana..waha nahi jayenge…
GUy 1 : chalo ab jaldi jaldi options batao restaurants ke…
Guy 2 : NF Public==> Ruled out
Girl 1 : Kalyani Veg Public==> Ruled out
Guy 3 : Prem’s public ==> Firangi place..ruled out
Finally, the whole group agrees upon a thali restaurant and quickly leaves for the same. Returns after good 1.5 hrs
Girls : Oh my was so oily and so heavy..i m not feeling like sitting and working now..i m too full.. Guys : Isiliye cafetee ka khana hi achcha hota hai hamari health k liye…no oil,no taste šŸ˜› and Sodexo coupons bhi lete hai :-)))))))))))))
I bet this is the typical lunch time scene in any IT company.

One thought on “Lunch Time

  1. Perhaps yes ! I would like to know about the girl 2 :-))))) Us ke comments ekdum hii too much the .. LOL

    Waise yes, We are loaded with multiple options & more time and hence this.

    Waise yaaha par UK mai to roz dabba laate hai ham & chup chap awaz kiye bina dabba hi khate hai šŸ™‚ Jo log dabba nahin laate woh log maggie leke ate hai aur maggie microwave kar ke khate hai….. šŸ™‚


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