Are we too demanding ?

“You today’s so called educated,working,s/w engineer girls are very demanding….everything you want should be perfect,you really have very high expectations from life.No sign of a single compromise huhh?” This was the typical dialogue from my frenz aunty.Aunty was cribbing over my best frenz expectations for her life partner.No wonder my friend was opting for an arrange marriage. In my view she had very less expectations for her groom to be
1.He should be from the same field (most preferably) 2.Ambitious and has a good career 3.Good Family background. 4.Looks doesn’t matter.
She met quiet a few guys till now but nothing is really clicked as such..Her family is understanding but relatives??? who ever was suggesting an alliance for her was getting offended if my fren didn’t like the guy they suggested.And they come up with the above mentioned dialogues in their own style.

My friend is getting frustoo..afterall she has every capability/quality of a eligible spinster bright career,good looking,good height,good education,and very well family background too.But still its becoming difficult for her and her family to find an eligible partner for her. Do you think her expectations are extra-ordinary? Can’t she expect this much also? do you think she is too demanding?? Or its just about the right time/right place funda? or just the destiny?? Many people believe its the destiny which decides who comes and stays in our life and who goes out..

3 thoughts on “Are we too demanding ?

  1. Tell ur friend to trust God and her family (close ones), everyone has someone special waiting, its just the matter of time when things fall into place.
    The worst thing is to compromise based on the comments of good for nothing people.
    All the very best to your friend :)..aamin..

  2. I believe we all need to sort out the actual meaning of the word “Career”.

    Secondly, finding the right person is person to person based, just be calm and try to neglect comments from those who do not mean anything to you ! Cause such comments can only come from those places.

  3. can i apply online for the groom post 😉 just kidding. ur friend needs some value able advise and guidance from experienced people like you.

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