Yes…we did it ! i am proud to say that i did vote for 15th Lok Sabha Elections, and contributed my share for my future..India’s is the largest democratic election in the world.Today, in 2009, 714 million people are eligible to vote ,up 6.4% (43 million) from 2004, and i was one of them…I must admit ,’s awareness campaign on TV made me aware about the importance of casting our vote.I was rather negligent earlier…this time V and I decided to get ourself registered here in this that we can vote…and yes…we did it 🙂 !

3 thoughts on “Yes…we did it !

  1. Your blog made me sad !!!!!!! I could not vote 😦

    Well, it is must to vote. If you do not vote, you do not hold the right to speak against the governance!

    In mumbai this time the turn around was 50 % :(((((((((((((((

    Do not want to say anything more. The Government gave a long weekend to all their employees… 30 April / 1 May / 2 May / 3 May 😦

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