I’m Back !

Hey guys you must be wondering..where i am? Absent for so many days in row huh?? yeah yeah……as you all
know it was the season of marriages..and no doubt i was busy in attending so many marriages in 1/2 months with
the same enthusiasm every time 😛

The best thing about these marriages was, all were held on a working day and hence there was no way for V to be able to attend them…and ultimately it was ME !! I really love social gatherings and functions like marriages for many reasons like we get to meet all the frenz, relatives at one place in one day which is not practically possible at any other time..Plus…we get to wear the expensive sarees,jewellery specially reserved for these days.. 😛 So i did everything that i have mentioned above..and enjoyed my working days(NOT in office but in Marriges)..though they were extremely hectic !

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