Weekend working

I never like to work on weekends, unless and until its showstopper condition in the project. There was a time when i was working in this giant company in B’lore..project was very very critical..we were only 2 girls in that project(who were totally new in project and in organization too)..I remember sacrificing my diwali holiday for that deadlines..in fact we had a preplanned Tirupati trip during one of those weekends it was overnight journey from B’lore to Tirupati..When we returned back from Tirupati i went straight to the office and back to the work..My mom-in-law was there with us and she was very tensed,worried for me bcoz of the hectic schedule i was having.
Same was the condition in the first project in this organization too..instead of weekends here we were working late hours which was like 12/1/2 in the morning..i remember returning home with my hubby dear @ 3 in the morning 😦 Now after going through so much..i have decided not to set a trend of weekend/late hours working for myself at least. Since past 1.5 yrs late hours and weekend working is strictly NO NO for me….I don’t think it adds any value or quality to your performance,or deliverables by stretching un-necessarily…Best mantra is to stick to the 8hrs and give your 100% to the work itself 🙂

The reason i narrated all these is..On Friday,my mgr asked me “Hey is it possible for you to be in office on Saturday??..and i said No..it won’t be possible for me…bcoz my in-laws are visiting us(which is true,anyway)” 🙂

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