Swine Flu

By now every Indian is aware of this flu.No doubt sudden deaths in Pune has created panic
amongst people. As usual there has been lot of hype created by media too..2/3 weeks back in
Pune,specifically after the first casualty..Mask was the new fashion statement..everywhere
people were sporting disposable masks in order to protect themselves from the disease. However later on when doctors explained limited significance of these masks(only
40% protection from viruses) then somehow, the percentage of ppl wearing such masks has been reduced.

I was happy/amazed to see everybody taking precautionary measures for themselves. My maid now-a-days covers her face by small hanky even while working:-) Lots of emails suggesting Ayurvedic/home remedies on swine flu were doing the rounds. Our office too is distributing emails frequently..informing associates about the flu and the care should be taken to avoid getting infected from it 🙂

Though govt.declared 2 weeks shutdown for school,colleegs,theatres,malls etc.other offices
were following there normal routine. I happen to read several documents/articles in
newspaper..ppl said…the economy was worstly hit during this pandemic emergency..People
were not turning to shops etc.

I remember one funny incident……Swine flu was just emerging in Pune and i went for
purchasing vegetables to this vendor….i asked him for Lemons and he was like “Madam,Nimboo
to sare khatam ho gaye hai”,I asked “How come so soon?” Vendor : woh kuch bimari fail raha
hai na madam..ooske liye sare log le kar ja rahe hai. And the most funny part was he
himself was wearing a green colored disposal mask on his face..without even knowing the
name of the disease :-))))))))))))))


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