A Letter from the heart of your CPU

A Letter from the heart of your CPU I am with you all day long, whenever you look at me, i do give a bright radiation in response, i don’t mind you being with me for more than 11 hrs on some days though i don’t understand y u stare at me continuously. Still i continue to expect you to be back and stare at me when u go for your tea breaks, lunch / dinner but sometimes you don’t tell me that you are leaving home and i end up waiting for you to be back for a long time. Sometimes even 2 or more days. My vision and brain goes tired. Please switch me off when you leave for the day so that i will be able to get up cheerfully to welcome you when you wake me up the next morning. From the heart of computer Yours sincerely, your System’s CPU 🙂 Note: “Let your computer too have its nights and weekends”

4 thoughts on “A Letter from the heart of your CPU

  1. I can understand your as well as your PC's plight… and also the reason for thsi post… I hope you get a break soon and so does your PC… 🙂

  2. heeey nice email….. But Im one of those who dont switch off the CPU for months!!! But my dear CPU never complained !!! heeeheeee 😀

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