All Set…!

Yes !!!!!! My dear Mommy and Daddy are all set for their first international tour. Today they got their passports with stamped visa in hand. We all(their kids) have been planning this trip for quiet a while now. Since Joe is in Sydney for a long term work assignment,it was her idea to make them visit her.Instead of them we are more excited with just the thought of it. I am already imagining they 3 watching Opera in Opera House,driving through Great Ocean Road in fultoo filmy shtyle. One thing i am surely gonna miss is the satisfaction,excitement in my parent’s eyes when they are gonna witness some of the most beautiful things in the world 🙂 Only couple of more days to go……

5 thoughts on “All Set…!

  1. Enjoy reading it ..vicariously i felt the joy and excitement too.. I too want my parents to have a world of my dream…

    I wish them Happy journey…

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