Elevator Syndrome

A girl enters in the lift..chooses her floor,gets busy with her cell phone.A gentleman..may be manager, enters in the lift carefully chooses his floor and gets lost in his blackberry..a housekeeping boy takes his equipment’s in lift and concentrates on ground..lost in his thoughts..I am sure everybody must have noticed this scene while in lift. I always wonder why people are so curious about checking their mails/MSG’s/miss calls on their gadgets once they enter in lift.May be sometime people just don’t want to notice other person’s presence in the lift.But how come everybody almost 95 % people behave in the same manner?? That’s why it is a syndrome..Elevator Syndrome.I,myself have experienced this sudden urge to know if any new messages have come. If not check the old ones and re-read the emails 😛

Do you feel/experience the same way??

5 thoughts on “Elevator Syndrome

  1. Oh yes.. While reading this post, I felt this is so naturally seen in people. And some point of time this set of "people" could have been "Us" too… I might have behaved the same way too…

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