Kamwali Bye

“You can not leave them and you won’t be able to Live without them” this mantra is very true about this creature i am talking about. I am sure every woman who makes others(read hubbies here) dance on their tunes(mostly) is helpless when it comes to their Kamwali Bai. I have some amazing observations about them

  • You have a long day at office n went to bed very late,you don’t want them to show up early next morning..they will be banging the door early morning(which was like never before)
  • They have amazing, innovative,never the same execuses for the sudden work off.
  • They have strong intutions,will exactly take off when you are expecting lot of guests at your place.
  • Their list of “I won’t do this” is longer than hanuman ji ki poonch.
  • They say they are illeterate..but when it comes to money..they are smarter than anyone.
  • They have more relatives than anybody else in the world,who keep on falling sick one after another.
  • They are more social than us..has to visit ailing neighbours in hospital by taking a days off.
  • They are more religious than us..keep on visiting their native place’s annual “Yatra”.
  • When it comes to finish all household work in lesser time..no one can bet them..they are faster than Jet.

Guys/Gals you may want to add on to this list.

P.S.Those who have not read my initial post “Savithri” on the same subject, I will urge them to read it after reading this post ! and see the contrast πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Kamwali Bye

  1. Hello Madam,
    Isi liye to Bade bujurg kehte hai… Apna hath jagarnath!!! πŸ™‚

    I know U'll kill me for saying so… sara din office mei aur ghar aa ke ghar ka kaam…. ek nanhi si jaan 😦
    But then

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