Vehicle Free Day !

Guys if I want to comment on the traffic in Pune city..this is how i would describe it “Senseless.Ruthless.Congestion. Pollution. Noise. Accidents”. Everyday when i go to work i feel like being drowned in sea of vehicles,mostly cars and 2-wheelers. I am just hoping to get rid of this pick-time traffic chaos on the road everyday..or get relief on some WORKING day 🙂

And good thing is 22nd and 23rd Sept,2009 are observed as Vehicle free day all over the world.Every September 22,people from around the world get together in the streets,intersections and neighbourhoods to remind the world that we don’t have to

accept an automobile-dominated society, the problems it brings with it and instead
reclaim the streets for people. There are certain guidelines given to be followed on these days.

  • If your vehicle has an odd registration number, don’t use it on 22nd September.
  • If it has an even registration number, don’t use it on 23rd September.
  • We should adopt walking, cycling and public transport which are cheaper,cleaner and friendlier to people and the environment around us.

 I am not sure how many people in Pune are aware about this Vehicle free day concept

 yet. But its worth to do our bit for our environment/our mother earth !

 P.S. Though My post is late by a day you know na “Der se aaye durust aaye 😉 ”

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