BIG B(IG) Boss !!!

Guys, I must mention , i have not watched any single episode of first 2 Big Boss seasons till date. I don’t know why? but somehow i find it very boring to watch this program.Lots of attitude,arrogance,bitching goes on this programs..

Though Big Boss was hugely popular in India, but in other parts of the world people had actually started to loose interest in the Reality show which gave our own Shilpu baby a worldwide fame…May be this made the producers to look at Big B as the perfect person to bring back the audience again to TV.

As today with so many reality shows i guess they are overdoing it. It is said that Big B’s intention is to add “the human element” to the reality show.
Till now i have managed to watch a single episode with great efforts..lets see for how long i can stretch myself 😉

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