Bidding an Adieu

It was merely a month ago when my dear Mom N Dad went to Sydney to be with Joe,my lil sis..Her joys knew no bounds with their presence ..every day was a blissful day and her apartment was factually like a paradise in Sydney..Mom N Dad too were happy to be with her in the unfamiliar country..But like every good thing comes to an end..Today on 14th Oct, they concluded their stay in Sydney and started return joureny..I am more than sure both of them must have bid an adieu to Joe with heavy hearts..just bcoz she was still continuing her stay there for few more days.

 Joe called me up 15 mins back..Her first heavy voiced “Hello” on phone conveyed  me everything..She was very emotional and was almost in tears..I discussed few random things with her just to change her mood..but in vain 😦  Poor chap was too high on emotions..I know it feels bad when Parents leave you or you leave parents may it be for smaller time then..bidding an adieu is always a tough task 😦

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