Funny Classified on INTRAnet

Every company has its own intranet site for the convenience of employees. However these intranet sites are mostly a mean of entertainment for other employees.

Here i am posting some really funny posts i have come across on our intranet …Enjoy..any add-ons to this are most welcome !

  • Require Pet Care Taker/Sitter. Details of Dog : Adopted Street Dog, Eats food which we eat normally (Nothing Special) Need the service before 30th Oct, for two days.  If anybody have any idea about the service provider  please ping/mail me the details before 30th Oct.
  •  Lost my educational certificates starting from SSC to Mtech. Thief has stolen the bag from my room in ram society opp to hari ganga. if found it please contact me
  • I lost 100 rupees at level 1, pls contact if any one got
  • My bike (Black Pulsar – 150cc) has been replaced at Mariplex  – AXIS Bank  ATM Parking. (Vehicle no AB 00 BR 1234) around 8:30 PM in the evening on Sunday , 28th Jun 09. We found another vehicle (Bajaj Pulsar – 150 cc) left behind at the same
    parking. Vehicle no AB 00 BR xxxx.  Probably the owner of this vehicle has mistakenly taken away my bike. If any associate is owner of the afore said vehicle .Please contact me at 0000000000 or at extn xxxx. Thanks a lot in advance.
  •  I have lost one new jeans from level 5 if any body found contact me at xxxx.

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