The Trip That Was….!

A week long trip to Northern part of Incredible India was truly incredible..and was special because it was V’s first trip post marriage with my whole maternal family(including some extended relatives too). So we 34 people started our journey for Amritsar on 18th Oct by Sachkhand express. After almost 30 Hrs of train journey we landed in the holy place “Amritsar”. Needless to mention we were visiting The Golden Temple and the famous Wagha border during our Amritsar stay.  I could narrate all the exciting things that are happened during the trip.But who would be interested in reading that? So lets move on to the ever exciting pictures now
1.The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple

The Holy Golden Temple,the picturesque structure that you must have seen in number of hindi movies till date attarcts your attention. The moment you enter the premises you experience the positive vibes throughout your body.The cleanliness and discipline observed here is commendable.There were slow moving devotees and some first time visitors like us who were lingering in exuberance. The queue for Darshana was long but disciplined. 2/3 hrs spent there really gaved me peace of mind which i never experienced anywhere till date. I must say this is the most beautiful place i have ever been to in my life !!!

2.Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala bagh houses a memorial of national importance,is the same place where the unfortunate Jallianwala Bagh Massacre happened on April 13, 1919.This 6.5 acre garden is located in the vicinity of Golden temple complex. Just the thought of that unfortunate event made me shiver in and out.

3.Wagha Border

Wagha Border

Wagha village was part of Lahore division before the partition.Now half the village remains in India and other half in Pakistan. Wagha border had been the only road link between the 2 countries before “Aman Setu” in kashmir.We all were excited to see how exactly the border area looks like and to witness the famous “Lowering of flags” ceremony in the evening.There were Indian BSF and Pakistan Rangers on the respective sides of the gates.They performed a very thrilling and fully energetic parade before flag lowering.


The whole atmosphere throught the time there was patriotic with people singing and dancing on the patriotic songs.The only audible slogans in unison were “Vande Matram”, ” Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, and “Hindusthan Zindabad”. We could also see people standing/sitting on that side of stadium only the GATE was dividing us !!!

Indian Flag

I must say the Most thrilling experience in life could not be other than being on your country’s border and meeting the people who work hard for your safety. So this most thrilling day came to an end with the lowering of Indian national flag, and we bid an adieu to all this brave people with thankful eyes…On the way back everybody was busy in locating actual line of control which is just before the “Swarna Jayanti Gate”

So guys,here i am concluding first leg of our long trip…remaining and when time and my mood permits me 😉 till then stay tuned !!!

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