Does it happens with you?

You get fed up with your droning routine??  Do not feel like talking to anyone?? want to be with yourself?? Do not find peace in anything??

Yes,it happens with me once in a blue moon..i loose interest in everything..doesn’t really feel motivated at times..recently i have lost whole interest in cooking..I did not enter kitchen willingly say for 3 weeks now 😦

At times i do not even feel like receiving any phone calls..just want to be myself..doing meaningless things sometimes 😛  I guess the monotonous pattern of S/W engineer’s life must be bringing this changes and sudden mood swings..What you say?


9 thoughts on “Does it happens with you?

  1. For some it may be once in a blue moon phenomenon…
    But for me it has become an integral part of my existence so much so that I have started “FEELING” life in a “DIFFERENT” perspective…

    An eternal tranquility prevails… 🙂


  2. I say no! stop blaming s/w eng life. grr..grr.. i am not one anymore so i got a perpective 🙂 trust me its nothing to do with being s/w ngineer..

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