Are U Married?? You must be kidding

More or less  is the same reaction i receive from everyone at my workplace when i disclose my marital status to them 🙂  Then the consecutive questions, “For How long you have been married?” , “Arrange? Love?”  and my replies to them are  always followed by a collective sigh,  “Ooooohhhh! U r sooo young!!!!” doesn’t look like married etc.

When i was newly married and was onsite in USA from my previous employer, my clients in US office were shell shocked to learn about me being married,whom they were considering a kid fresh out of college 😛

Just 15 mins back my new manager came to my desk and started negotiating on my upcoming leaves.When i told him, “My in-laws are coming at our place n we have a wedding in family to attend” his instant reply was, “Are you married???????? Ok. then take your leaves”.

There were initial times when i was thinking the feeling of me being married would be definitely strange/funny/hard to digest for me at least. But this new and blissful chapter in my life proved all those feelings wrong…and now here are people who are finding it hard to digest the fact 🙂

7 thoughts on “Are U Married?? You must be kidding

  1. No wonder they say this… Its hard for me to believe that its gonna be 5 long yrs of married life for you… I am sure you are gonna recieve such compliments for many more years to come 🙂

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