Changing life patterns

My very good friend cum team-mate from B’lore is getting married in December. Some other frenz who are still in the same organisation have planned to attend his wedding in Delhi. This evening  Ashley n I were discussing about our desires to attend the wedding and how we are unable to attend it  😦 because of other priorities and marriages to attend during the same time span !

Moving further we were discussing about the last time we met each other being in the same city. Surprisingly, none of us were able to recall that last time 😉  Sounds  strange isn’t it?we don’t even have time for our near n dear ones.Our respective life patterns(read s/w eng’s life) are responsible for this whole mess. Monday to Friday we are in office..On weeeknds we have household things which always needs first attention like grocery stock,veggies, much desired rest, and weekend is gone then and there  ;-).

Again the same routine throughout the new week. And this routine goes on and on and on..sometime we keep wondering when and how weeks  convert into months and months into ears and years into many more years..

I think in this whole struggle we are missing out the best things, best moments in life..No one can bring back the time bygone and in this struggle for future,struggle for our existence the precious things which we are missing is our “Present” n small small joys of life..neverthless to mention the reason behind it is our changing life pattern n our desire for MORE !!!! What you say???


4 thoughts on “Changing life patterns

  1. Earlier, It was only s/w engineers..
    Now sadly this life pattern has engulfed most of us..
    neither of us are S/w eng.. but this is what we did the whole weekend with the only plus point that I cooked something delicious2 nights in a row, aj managed to get all clothes in the wardrobe completly ironed n reached the target..
    oh, we did pull out an hour of voluntary work @ the local kannada sangha library..
    something atleast to break the monotony of cook, clean, shop, mop, wash, scrub 😦

  2. Mdam…
    we r no missing our present…. bcoz we r living in present ….

    what we r missing is the REALIZATION that what we have is this present…

    may be that’s why it is a PRESENT (gift)…


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