Bidding an Adieu-Part 2

This incident goes back to the time,when i was leaving Bangalore for good in September 2007. As the day of departure approached near,Thought of leaving B’lore and good set of frenz was making me nervous,emotional.I had a 11am.flight to catch for Pune. Many frenz were persisting to see me off @ the airport but i said NO to everybody.My 2 cousins were already at the airport gate even before i reached there. Nitish,who was doing his BE there  was high on emotions,he was not ready to let me go to the departure gate..So my other cousin Vinod and i were consoling him.But he was terribly upset and started crying ,”Didi Plz don’t go” “Didi plz don’t go”, All of a sudden i remembered my wedding day and Bidai time when my dad and younger bros were crying inconsolably 😦   Luckily I had no luggage to checkin so that was a relief, and i had some luxury of time.

 There comes a call on my was from one of my good friend and colleague Sattu, I thought he is calling me to say Goodbye.Upon receiving his call he told me in very firm voice “Hey I am on my way to the airport..I know your flight is @ 11am so accordingly you should
be at the checking counter by this time..But still I am coming to the airport..chahe aap milo ya na milo”.In such situations time flies faster than rocket..after a while it was a high time for me to get inside..the moment i turned towards the gate i heard Sattu calling me..he and his younger brother were in front of me with a gift box in their hand,sweating in the winter of Septemebr..I was tensed(for time) + happy to see both of them..Sattu hurriedly gave me the box saying..”This is from both of us,Open it in the aircraft”

 I was speechless to see their urge to meet me and see me off..they had travelled 20kms from one side just to meet me for 5 odd minutes. Alas..I wished i could stop for a while and be with them for some more time..

 On board aircraft i was recalling 4 wonderful people and one difficult situation..No doubt bidding an adieu is always a tough task !

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