So How was your vacation..?

     Its been a long hiatus from blogging world..well guys I was on long 20 days vacation and back in action today 🙂
So How was my vacation…? Well,i would say it was different..This time i had decided to be with my mom n dad for the whole time..afterall,its a luxury one married girl can have ;-).Having 2 set of parents in the same city sometime makes it difficult for you to manage your time. And it was exactly more than 3 yrs i have spent quality time with my this was the much desired break for me !!!

        It was fun to be with Goldy,my kiddo bro for such long duration..and listen to his teenager talks,college fun.        
I had decided to totally cut myself off from rest of the world during my vacation..No cell phone, No TV, NO Calls,No Movies..nothing !!  Just wanted to be away from my routine life with no technology touch to it.So it was just Main,Mom,Dad n Goldy..khana,peena and nosh farmana !!!!! 

So now i am back with a refreshed ME 🙂

2 thoughts on “So How was your vacation..?

  1. Nice to hear that…even I had the same experience this time when I went home during a short vacation in Nov. Just we 3…me, dad and mom. You don’t need anyone if you are there with your parents. You can actually see happiness in their eyes and believe me you can give whole life for those smiles. I believe parents are the GOD who exist in this world.

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