Pune Special

              Being in Pune for more than 2 years now, i never thought about Pune’s speciality (apart from the fact that it is closer to our homes 😉 )  Recently, when a South Indian frenz’ wife asked me “What is the speciality of Pune?”  I had great time explaining her Pune specialties. It is well known that Pune is called as India’s Harvard/MIT as far as education is concerned, It is also famous for its Ganesha Festival. People from various parts of India and various countries visit Pune during the 10 days Ganesha celebration. It has major Automobile companies,Now it is emerging fastly as one of the big IT hub in India,It has great culture and History etc. After a while i realized my frenz wifey was more interested in knowing Pune’s food speciality. Now I was wondering about the possible response 😉

I never really thought about it earlier,What’s Pune’s food speciality?? I pondered a while,there are many items to mention,But mainly it’s Laxminarayan Chivda,Chitale’s Bakar Wadi,and Chikki.Apart from these items i would recommend Neera(the drink),Thalipeeth,Wada pav and Missal, one should must try these while visiting Pune 🙂       Not to forget i mentioned Mayur/Durvankur’s Maharashtrian Thali,Vaishali’s dosa,Manmeet’s chat, Chaitanya’s Paratha, GoodLuck’s Biryani also but these are secondary on my list.

While we were in B’lore I remember waiting for weekend to visit the only known Maharashtrian food joint in Jayanagar where we use to get food items like Wada Pav,Sabudana Khichadi,Thaleepeeth etc. Gone are the days…….now I am privileged to have anything I wish to eat anytime in Pune…!!!  Lucky ME(:-P) isn’t it??

3 thoughts on “Pune Special

  1. “Mayur/Durvankur’s Maharashtrian Thali,Vaishali’s dosa,Manmeet’s chat, Chaitanya’s Paratha, GoodLuck’s Biryani”

    Yum yum yum. Especially the biryani.

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