I can cook Bhakari now

Hey, at last i successfully learnt how to make edible bajari ki bhakari..which i have been longing for long time now. So here goes the recipe with some NOT so good pictures (which were taken by me while preparing the bhakari)

P.S.All i needed to prepare this bhakari is bajra flour,salt to taste and water

Get some Bajari flour in a big plate

Add moderate amount of water in order to make a stiff dough out of it

Smash this dough in order to make smooth round ball. Once it is smooth enough, take the dough in your  hand and flatten it as shown in picture

Keep on forming the round shape bhakari in the plate with the help of some flour spread in the plate..now the dimensions of the bhakari will depend on the dough you have taken it may differ from 3,4 to 6,7 inches in diameter.

Heat the tawa/pan,Place the roti in the middle,make your palm wet and smear the bhakari top with some water

Now turn the roti over,

And cook both sides of the bhakari till done. Serve it hot with Garlic Chutny,butter or any leafy green veggie


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