When was the last time…?

When was the last time you lift a Pen??
          Wondering??? Yes, i too was wondering,struggling to remember the last time i penned down something using my pen. I am sure almost everyone today is techno savvy and are in awe of the technology and whatever it (Read PCs, Laptops,Internet,Cell phones,Pagers) provides. Which in turn is reducing human efforts and saving time. Today,when i lift a pen to write Minutes of Meeting in office, my hands don’t move,before signing some check i have to practice my own signature 2,3 times.

          I really wonder how technology is changing our lives in each and every spectrum. Now-a-days I remember very selected phone numbers which i really want to…my darling sis remembers only 2 phone numbers in this world, 1 is her own and 2nd is MomDad’s Landline no.Courtesy:Handy Mobile Phones. Today,you will rarely find a person without this gadget. Keeping pocket telephone diary is the thing of past now.  Love letters are replaced by Love-emails,SMS’es. In fact now-a-days if people want to do something extraordinary they write letters by hand 😉  Gone are the days when a son use to send Money-Order to his parents on the 1st day of his salary,Gone are the days when same parents used to wait for long distance trunk call in order to talk to their kids.

          This is the hightech era where our parents,grandparents are becoming equally efficient and techsavvy….they are efficiently using internet,laptops,modems,ipods and ipaqs. You will rarely hear “Hamare jamane me aisa nahi hota tha”  types talks, Instead there is an urge to learn new things,an urge to match the pace of the modern world !!!

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