Can anybody imagine why the prestigious “Padmashri” has been announced to THE Saif ??  I do not remember him doing anything significant before “Kal Ho Na Ho”. I would salute a person who can justify this award and the contribution behind it 😉

If GOI(Govt.Of India) starts bestowing such awards on any aira gaira naththu khaira..then the day is not far when we all will see Padmashri-Rakhi Sawant 😛 😛 😛

4 thoughts on “Padmashri-Saifu

  1. Madam,
    Who dammit cares for these awards!!! These informations are only important for ppl preparing for Civil Services exams… I do not think common ppl should and would ever bother abt it…

    Be it Oscars, Nobel, or for that matter any awards…. all are bull shit…. We as citizens should be more concerned and bothered at making the REAL world a better place to live without being ever for a single moment get carried away by the whole process of bestowing the “so called” prestigious awards. Had Mr. Venkatram did not receive the Nobel his name would have never featured in the Padma-awardees’ list.

    Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of peace, did not get the Nobel and Mr. Obama got it for the reason…. we all know… 😡 ALL CRAP….

    Therefore, let’s accept the nudity of idiotic ideology…. and move on (,the only positive thing) …. 🙂


  2. It was for conferred for killing black bucks along with Salman and then later indulging yet again in his nawabi shauk of shikaar with his father.

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