and now Pune too…..

Who said,only major cities like Mumbai,Delhi are on terror radar?? See now Pune, the so-called cultural and educational capital of Maharashtra,an IT hub too got the place in the list.The new aspect of terror in India seems to   be that now small cities and towns will be on the target. The only motto is to spread panic amongst common man.

The German bakery blast news made my hair stand on end.Till date i was happy and carefree to be part of Pune city,which was off terror radar. No one would have imagined in their remotest dream about blast in a place like this..which is mostly frequented by young ppl and foreigners. I Had a word with many frenz, colleagues,who were in the vicinity when the blast did occur, some of them had a near miss..But all were not that lucky..

Last 2 days people are talking/debating about this incident and how insecure life has become. I think this is what happens everytime,it has become routine, for initial few days we are panicked,shattered and in stress..after some time we get used to all this and start living normally till the next time it strikes again..Rather than blaming Government, Security agencies,why can’t we,the common people too share some responsibility being more vigilant,alert?
I agree,this time the situation was much better than  26/11, police, ambulance, and other help reached quickly at the place..however,if the waiter who tried opening bag have alerted people about abandoned bag,the tragedy could have been averted,or the place could have been vacated resulting in minimal loss.But these are again IFs and Buts..what we need is the awareness !!  And that is what we need to spread everywhere..Just Aman ki Aasha is  not gonna help us,what will help is Vigilance,and Awareness…

My heart goes to all the unfortunate victims n their families, their loss is irretrievable..

7 thoughts on “and now Pune too…..

  1. One of my close friend’s friend and his younger sister died in this blast. The guy was just out of his college and about to start his professional life. This is just one instance that I know, wonder how many other families would have suffered because of this unfortunate incident.
    Taking about talks with Pak..well I think its time now when we need to have a very strong stand just like US did when 9/11 occurred. There should be other strong channels open to deal with out neighbor besides talks and other positive initiatives like ‘aman ki aasha’.

    • Yes Syed..most of the victims are youngsters in the age group 20-30. And unfortunately they landed @ the same place…!
      Truly,we need the very very firm and strong stand to deal with the situation..lets hope for the best !

  2. I actually thought Aman ki Aasha was fool hardy frankly… How you talk of peace with a country whose government is not at all sincere about stopping the menace growing there ??

    Also at times I m staggered that all blasts lead to PAk… I hope its true and if its true… I cannot understand what more lessons do we need to learn that we havent learnt in the past 60 years… !

    we Indians are probably the most thick skinned people in the world !

    • The one thing every Indian has undrstood by now is that..nothing gonna change the situation if we indulge in many more time our govt.gonna held such useless talks with them?? Yes,we are the most thick skinned ppl in the world bcoz the KASAB case i still pending in our courts..we have a long way to go..

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