Main Yahan Tu Wahan…!

Ankit and Priya,college sweethearts are eventually life partners now.Merely after 4 months of marriage Priya needed to go to USA for longterm assignment.He was bit nervous to let go his life so far.However,he was considerate and supportive towards Priya’s career ambitions..that is what she always wanted to do..excel in her career and Ankit respected her decision.Now its almost a year since Priya is in USA..and Ankit is planning to take up a job there to be with her.

Bhavik and Rima married for good 3 yrs are a weekend couple..Bhavik works in Pune while Rima,in Mumbai.Rima can not quit her job for some strong reasons and Bhavik is well settled in Pune,still supported Rima’s decision to pursue her job in Mumbai very considerably..Bhavik eagerly waits for Friday,to catch a train/bus for Mumbai to be with his wifey dear.

Knowing these couples from close quarters makes me ponder over a thought of increasing understanding in guys(specially) towards their better halves..gone are the days when women were expected to neglect/sacrifice their careers to be with hubby dears,gone are the days when women had to step back from her flourishing career to take care of kids.Now-a-days daddy’s too are equally caring and sacrificing for kiddos. I must admit i admire Ankit and Bhavik for the incredible understanding they have shown towards their better halves !!!

19 thoughts on “Main Yahan Tu Wahan…!

  1. Of course the men are changing and being considerate, thank their mother esp, and fathers too and the good boooks and stuff they read, their like minded friends and their hearts for being just normal and a good husband to their good wives:)

    May happiness reign for ever more Shree
    Cya around

    • Yes, family specially Mother, plays an important role in upbringing of a child.
      Apart from this is the surrounding,company of frenz is the most important factor which influences one’s life 🙂 Of course Men are becoming wiser now 😉

      Welcome to my blog Pins..enjoy reading 🙂

  2. Put in a slightly different perspective it is a normal evolutionary process.
    Nature is evolving and so are men…after all they have started understanding that what the possess in mere physical in nature but what they need is more non-physical (emotional or more appropriately spiritual) strength.


  3. That is a very positive trend !!! Gives so much hope to females..Kudos to guys who think this way 🙂 Such examples reinforce the view that we are progressing steps maybe but its a step in the right direction.

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