Fame in 15 minutes???

I Recently,watched an entertaining show,Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega,on my friend’s recommendation and had a great laugh for next few days 😛  The show claims to be a reality show.But looking at it,in any angle it doesn’t seem like a reality to me. How some girl would ever imagine  to marry a nut like RM, whose simple laugh would shatter anybody   😉  forget about his past.

But looking at the participants in this show or any other so called reality show for that matter,one thing is sure that it is the easiest way to glamour,glitz and showbiz. Young India is ready to go to any extent to gain this 15 minutes of fame. It is really sad to see contestent’s behaviour on the camera, its sleazy…!  Youngsters today have this passion for instant fame so they never want to loose an opporunity towards fame..Look at the programs Emotional Atyachaar or Splitsvilla or Roadies which shows us very different face of Young India in the name of talent,some of them really lack the grace of conducting themselves respectably on camera.

My cousin who is a bollywood struggler,was part of a reality show last year,he described his experience at the show as the worst in one.According to him 90% of the time show was scripted for its masala contents. There are shades of grey in every person and shows today showcase that prominently in order to increase their TRP.

I am not at all against reality shows,(at least they are far better than those saas bahu serials 😉 ) because there are few genuine shows like Boogie Woogie, SaReGaMaPa, Dance India Dance which really boost the new talent. But i am definitely against the fame thirsty desires and sleaziness !

12 thoughts on “Fame in 15 minutes???

  1. As nachu said above..I just cant stand the way he laugh…and girl look so cheap…
    “Aapka ghar bahut accha hai..I want to bring my luggage here “…everything sound so absurd…i just saw last episode when 3 finalist visited rahul’s home and praising house and his parents.

  2. I just cant stand the way he laughs…… Its like loud hiccups in slow motion
    But you really are very brave to have watched the show..

    And as you say this is the way to instant fame and money…

  3. I have seen an interview of RM’s ex-wife. From what I saw I felt that SHweta Singh, his ex-wife, is a good lady…
    This guy is a big time idiot….
    Yesterday or today, while surfing TV channel, I happen to see this guy’s so-called Swember… and for minutes I didnt know what to say about him…. [:(]


  4. One lady on this show started crying saying’Rahul broke my heart’ etc. My mom who was switching channels saw that & remarked ‘ How I wish I could give 2 tight slaps to that girl’;-D heehee..Yeah I know Rahul Mahajan..puh-leeeez!!

  5. You watched this show ???? Thank God, I didnt.

    After facing Rakhi’s absurdity, I was not ready to face this man’s stupidity.

    Yes, looks like the young India is just after the 15-min fame and will do anything yucky for it. Quite sad. How do these girls agree for this ???? Have they been taught to overrule morals and go for the biz world ???? Sad sad state.

  6. I have to agree with you reality shows are a million times better than saas-bahu serials 😆

    These dance and music contests would be fine if they be a little less judgemental – no judge can decide who has a chance of becoming a successful and popular singer in future – (not necessary the ‘best’ singer). Reminds me of how Mr Amitabh Baritone Bachchan was rejected when he went to audition for a radio programme in Delhi.

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