I’m Lovin It !!!!!

Guys let me tell you this,when it comes to eating, V is pure Non-Veggi and i am pure veggie 😀  So,when we go out for lunch/dinners,we end up ordering veg/non-veg dishes separately or same dish in both Veg/Non-Veg flavours sometimes 😉


Yesterday, when V and I went out for a light dinner,no wonder,I settled for Veg Momos and V for Chicken Momos 😛 I just love Momos for its nutrition contents and entirely different taste of course. When i was staying in Mumbai as a paying guest, my owner aunty introduced Momos to me..it was her speciality in cooking..till date her’s are the best home cooked Momos i have ever ate..No wonder I am Lovin’ It !!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 thoughts on “I’m Lovin It !!!!!

  1. arre i have tried making momoms at home ( im sure they werent as good as the ones in the pic)… but no one at home is a fan.. so after one attempt i gave them up.. but i LOVE them.. especially with that theekha chutney they serve!! slurrp.. do u know how to make that??

  2. 😛 😛 😛 😛

    The best momo’s (chicken one’s) are served in Manali !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can never ever forget them…. whenever we go for trekking to Manali the chicken momo’s are a HUGE attraction !!!!!!!!!

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