Atithi’s are sooo rare today

Note: By guest here, i meant a person who stays at your place for more than 2 or 4 days 😉

Recently,happen to watch this movie,Atithi tum kab jaoge? which made me ponder over few things..

During my growing years, our house always had lot of guests at any given point of time in the Mom always plays role of a perfect,being at our place,guests always felt at home.There are so many relatives whom i know only by their name or face..but if i try to get into the details of who’s who? then it gets more complicated to remember the exact relation with that person 😛  E.g. My Aunt’s cousin sis’ nephew sort of relations 😉

But in the last few years life has changed dramatically,in bigger cities like Mumbai, Delhi, B’lore where both hubby n wifey are working 5/6 days a week to make their living..its highly difficult for them to have an unannounced guest in their nuclear family.People just do not have time for anything else in life but work and other priorities.

Well, the point is, those were the days(say around a decade back ) when people were still affectionate towards each other,most of the Women were NOT working as they are now (Like me)..and there was strong bonding between every relationship..I remember waiting for summer/Diwali vacations which we used to spend with our cousins from maternal/paternal side..In fact the entire neighbourhood in my maternal/paternal family also had their respective guests(sis’,cousins) at their place..So this was common to have guests for several days at one’s place that time. And the Atithi was really treated like God saying “Atithi Devo Bhav”

In my case the same vacation routine followed every year till i completed my 12th std. education and got busy with higher education. Now-a-days,post marriage, i do not have time to even visit my parents for more than 1 or 2 days..busy in my own world you know 😉  Though I am a social animal, love people n like chatting with them a lot..i enjoy being in company of people but now,  my profession,struggle with work-life-balance have enforced some limitations on me 😦  which completely makes me feel bad.

So,neither people have time to entertain guests at their place nor they are interested in being Guest to somebody..See Atithi’s are so so rare today 😉

14 thoughts on “Atithi’s are sooo rare today

  1. meri mooh aur blog post ka topic bhi cheen liya 😀
    I loved the movie too..
    all throuougt, all we did was point at each other n compare with Aj’s name alike and ms.Sen …between us, we felt they were everythign we were,(oh, she even shared my profession with me..)and minus a kid for now..
    Living here makes me crave for athiti.. but after watching the movie, I am not toooo sure 😉
    good one..shree..

  2. you have a point… i hadnt noticed, but yes, guests are rather rare nowadays.. i wonder if our kids will look forward to summer hols and festivals as excitedly as we did…

    • when i see neighbourhood kids,they get irritated even another kid is visiting them or sharing their are not used to share anything..holidays @Maternal/paternal place are thing of past now itself..don;t know about tomorrow 🙂

  3. True, the amount of guests we had at home, while we were young, is just mindboggling. And mom will cook for all of them and it was all fine, becos the visiting ppl also will help in the kitchen and around the house.

    But, now, guests are very rare – they call and find out whether you are at home – and just stay for a meal !!!! 🙂

    Did u like the movie ????

    • That’s very true Uma…life has become so fast that no one has extra time to spend..and relations too are becoming more and more formal so are the relatives 🙂
      Yes, I liked the movie a lot..specially Paresh Rawal..kudos to him for superb acting !

  4. I wish Athithi comes often to my place !!! and I really dont mind if she comes when the missus isnt there !

    Ohh, you were referring to guests, huh ? Sheesh !! this is what happens when you comment without reading the post ! 😀 😀 😀

  5. agar aapko atithi ki kami mehsoos ho rahi hai to main hun na…
    aata hun 3-4 din ke liye 😉
    bataiye kab aa jaaun aapke yahan?? 🙂

  6. Ironically, We stay like guests in our own home when we visit our parents. We reach Friday eve…stay for Saturday and leave by Sunday eve or Monday morning. In a place where we spent every moment of almost 20 yrs of our life.

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