Thank God Its Friday !!!

I say this every Friday,which is end of the office week and weekend gateaway for us.
On Friday,starts the plan of weekend,since morning colleagues throw this question, “What’s the plan for this weekend?” and in reply goes the respective weekend plan 😉  

This Friday is special for us, because we are expecting a very special guest and a friend,Burns from USA at our place. Burns is in B’lore for official work,and this is his personal visit to us in Pune. We are very excited to see him in Pune 🙂

Ashley and I have prepared list of places to show him in and around Pune,basically the places which will give him an idea or an impression about Maharashtrian culture and taste of Maharashtrian food 😀   Guys, I will be off for 2 days from the blogging
world. Will post soon on the weekend happenings..till then stay tuned 😉 and have a great weekend !

20 thoughts on “Thank God Its Friday !!!

  1. Hope you had a good weekend. Where all did you take him in Pune?

    Its Tuesday and I am already dreaming about Thursday (our work week here is Sunday to Thursday)

    Btw, this is my first time here. Nice blog. Will keep visiting 🙂

    • Hey Masood,yeah we had a good weekend 🙂 We took our friend to some good next post will feature about it !
      Hey do you work in Dubai by any chance? I guess there you get Fri,sat off..BTW welcome to my blog 🙂 see ya around !

      • Yep, I work in Dubai. Btw, though a normal work week here is sun – thur, I actually take sunday off and work on fridays. just to cater to my sales territory. but I get into the weekend mode from thur itself 😀

  2. Sounds like u guys gonna have lodz of fun on this weekend huh.. anyways have fun 😀
    Don’t know anything about Maharashtra food and culture :).
    Anyways this weekend is very special for me too.I got a couple of good offers , so i resigned my job today 😀 😀 ….So me to looking forward for a blast with friends on this weekend

  3. Have a nice time !!! Sounds interesting to spend time with someone from USA and to explain the Indian side from your eyes !!! 🙂

    Whats the speciality in Maharashtrian food ?????

    • Yeah dear..its interesting to explain the things to them..specially to the enthusiastic person like Burns 🙂
      Well,there are many specialities of Maharashtrian food which includes Pooran Poli(Jaggery n Chana dal stuffed roti),Paysam,Poha(Bitten Rice flakes),Thaleepeeth(can be compared to Thepla),Jhunka(Gram dal floor cooked with water) Bhakari(just like Ragi or Akki roti..but here its Bajara or Jowar). Ok many more will follow separately 😉

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