Aga khan Palace in Pune

My workplace is situated very near to this place..If i start walking from office i will reach this place in max 10 mins.  Aagakhan Palace, also known as the Gandhi National Memorial was constructed by Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan III, in the year 1892,to provide an employment to the draught struck villagers around the place. Later this palace was donated to the Government Of India.


In 1942, Mahatma Gandhi was kept in house arrest in this palace along with Kasturba Gandhi and his secretary, Mahadev Desai who was like son to Gandhiji

The cleanliness and peace maintained at this place is commendable. Everything is very well maintained and is in good condition. There are many rooms in this palace which had house various people apart from Gandhiji,during their house arrest like Sarojini Devi Naidu etc   

Gandhiji’s room has his personal items like Chappals,Charkha,Stick,utnesils etc. There are some letters in display which Gandhiji wrote after death of his dearest secretary.


This place has the Samadhi’s of Kasturbaji who also died at this place,while in house arrest and Mahadev Desai and a small amount of gandhiji’s ashes are also kept here.

It was a great experience to visit the place,which till now i had watched only in movie,”Gandhi”

37 thoughts on “Aga khan Palace in Pune

  1. Hallo, I’m italian, I’ve met an Indian woman (blou eyes) who was working there in 2001, Who have the contact? or know the name of her?
    I’ve done a video interview, and now ‘m concluding the editing about a video make in the ashram :Bhrama Vidia Mandir in Wardha Paunar… you must go there and know about all the other Ideal History after Gandhi and Vinobha Bave. In A.Palace, She host me, in one of the room of the land and was very exiting stay there for one night feeling the old story of them…

  2. I like to read such interesting anecdotes abt places near us !!! And its wonderful that you are doing a great job of writing abt them.

    BTW, that header pic rocks !!! Love those beautiful birds !!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliments Annant..Its actually a nice place to visit !! See some of my frenz were not happy with the earlier pro-hollywood here it goes the new one 😉

  3. Thanx for refreshing my memory…
    My first (and till date the last visit) to Pune was in May, 2007.
    Aga Khan Palace was one of the few we went around 🙂

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