My First Hi 5 Tag

Uma has done the honour of tagging me and here goes my first ever hi five tag !

I am big time Bollywood fan,but not a movie buff who goes and watches every movie.Off lately I have started watching selected movies 😉

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen :


The only reason i went to watch this movie was Paresh Rawal and i was disappointed to the hell. This was an attempt to create Priyadarshan type comedy saga which failed miserably.No other movie can top my list of worst.

2.Fight Club:Members Only

God knows why I watched this movie that too in PVR B’lore. The name itself gave me an idea about its plot..however few gutsy V’s frenz took us to the theatre and our torture started the moment movie started.

3.Deewane Huye Pagal

I was impressed with “Aawara Pagal Deewana” and no doubt was waiting for the release of this movie. I left fuming after watching the whole confusing thanda movie and hated myself for selecting this movie.

4.Kya Kool Hai Hum

Sis and me went to watch this movie just because we had nothing good to do on one fine eve in Mumbai. I must mention here,we purchased the Lounge tickets (where you watch a movie sitting on comfy sofa) . We were so disgusted @ the cheap comedy scenes in the movie that we left the theatre even before the interval 🙂 After that i have never purchased lounge tickets till date 😛

5. Paheli

SRK in his weird moustache and wacky accent was beyond tolerance. I was irritated to see Amol Palekar directing such movie.

5 accessories you can create out of food

1.Carrot Toe Rings

Toe rings made up of thin carrots. Isn’t it exciting to wear them? that too at work 😛

2.Strawberry Earrings

Take small fresh Strawberries,inject a thin thread of spring onion(which can be inserted in ear of course ) through it. Now this colourful earrings are ready to wear on any special occasion 😉 Will go well with any white outfit.

3.Pasta noodles and de-seeded Olive mala

Half cooked Fusilli pasta noodles and de-seeded Olives woven together.Amazing combination isn’t it ?

4.Cherry Bracelet

Small round/square(the one which you get @ panwalas) shaped cherries,interwoven with the help of toothpick pieces will make beautiful bracelet.

5. Radish n Carrot anklets

White Radish and Orange carrots cut in really small triangle/oval shape and bead them as an anklets. The only difference is,they won’t sound “chum chum”  😛

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at

Fish/Meat Market : being veggie by choice, I hate to even pass by these places,the typical smell there makes me puke 😦

Dirty Bathrooms : I need bathrooms very clean. Can’t even imagine to stand there if it’s not clean.

On Jogging Track @ 6 AM :  Being a SooryaVanshi(i.e. Late riser) can not imagine to hit jogging track at early hours of morning. Call me anytime after 7AM and i am all YES for it 😉

Smoker’s Zone around office : Don’t want to die of passive smoking 😀

Any Rock Concert :  Just NOT my cup of tea.

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere

Spitters on roads

Eve teasers

Cheating partners in any relationship

Parents of Child Labours,for making them earn in such small age

Those who do not respect females.

(Thoda sa serious ho gaya isn’t it? 😉 )

5 things you’d do to scare anybody

  • Invite them for food @ my home 😛
  • Sing some classical songs 😀 😀 😀
  • Put lot of dark red lipstick and then have kala khatta ice-gola, lips will wear 2 shades now(Red and Black) and then start making faces 😛
  • Try the age-old white saree,candle wala idea in the dark 😉
  • Insert a thread or ear bud in ear or nose when some one is fast asleep 🙂

Ok guys, after finishing i understand how difficult it is to answer the tag questions. So let me tag others too here.

Annant : Wake Up and start answering !

Satyakam : I know you are tired of writing poems and you need some change 😉

LostWorld : Come on Girl, you have lotsa innovative things to put down here !

Telugumom Its gonna be a good exercise for your brain..once you are back from your vacation lady !

Uma : I am tagging you back 😛

Looking forward to your innovative thinking and innovative posts !


60 thoughts on “My First Hi 5 Tag

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      • Yesterday, I too was thinking about moving completely to WordPress. But then there is a nostalgic attachment with blogspot for being there for more than 3.5 years!!! 🙂

        We humans get attach to all sorts of funny things and for all funny reasons 😉

      • I understand that Sattu boss..but when you can import whole your content from there to here..then what’s the harm? Its like shifting to Delhi from B’lore with whole you and your stuff..everything is same except the place 😉

      • From last 3 days I am updating my blogs with new widgets both on blogger and wordpress. Few features are not supported on wordpress. Therefore, seeing what can be done in future… till then I am enjoying my presence in both the sphere 🙂

      • Good to know that..The primary reason for me to shift to WP is,its accessible from my office as well..otherwise all fancy stuff like orkut,gmail,yahoo etc is banned here 😉

      • Of course they must be blocked otherwise the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness (all the big is reduced terms learnt in HP :P) of the employees are reduced… and ppl like u can spend some quality time writing some good blogs. 🙂


        Of course they must be blocked otherwise the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness (big terms learnt in HP 😛 ) of the employees are reduced… and ppl like u can spend some quality time writing some good blogs. 🙂

      • That’s absolutely correct ! But even if all the fancy sites were accessible in our B’lore company..I had some rules defined for myself..was never glued to any particular site for more than 10 mins during those days 🙂 and I don’t think blocking all this sites would hamper one’s productivity 😀

      • Madam.. There are ppl like me who get distracted by every drop of a stone in water (it is a different issue that now I’m not part of corporate word :P)…
        BTW, check out my latest entry on HearT SpeaK (the one on wordpress)!

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  4. I completely agree with the movie part(except kya kool hai….it is a boys movie 😀 )

    5 places where you won’t be seen dead at ….lol..who wanna face it over these places 😀

    nyways that was a fun tag 🙂

  5. 😀 loved loved loved the tag. All those of us who did the tag should make those veggie delights and wear them click some pix and post. Maybe a new fashion statement :).

    Overall a great refreshing post. Thanks for visitng my blog. Keep commenting

  6. haahaaa….. I imagined you with all the veggie accessories…… 😀
    And no.1 is your deathly weapon for scaring people
    Only the brave like me can withstand that 😛

  7. Whaaat ???? You tagged me back – Hey !!! Thats not fair….anyway, I cant write anymore on that topic. Please….. 🙂

    LOL @ the list of movies – you bought lounge tickets and got out at interval…sometimes these movies are so sick, that we cannot sit more than that. Paheli….I forgot abt that one – I hated that movie – SRK was yuck.

    The accessories – quite interesting !! Strawberry ear-rings / Pasta necklace – HHHmmmmmm…. 🙂

    Those 5 places are quite interesting – where I cant find you. 😉

    PPl to hit – the list is increasing with everyone doing the tag. 🙂

    Scary ideas – OK, Cant imagine me doing all those, but certain to get scared.

    • Hehe..don’t worry..i don’t think you would need to rewrite on these topics again 😛 That’s very tricky thing to do…

      When i started writting on these topics i realised there is one devil side to me(scaring ppl) 😉

  8. Never thought I would ever interact with a person who watched One Two Three 😀 😀 😀 😀

    That hitting part; the second and third point is because of the fifth point. dont u think so ?

    and LOL, you do know how to scare a person 😀 😀 😀

    • Hmmm..what made you think you would never interact with a person who has watched 123?? Looks like you also watched this movie 😛

      Yeah…i know how to scare people..specially guys..Cooking n singing,my best weapons 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Shree, you did an outstanding job !!!!! I was smiling throughout.. 🙂 The accessories -wala bit was too good. Heehee.. Strawberry earrings is so cool!

    But what takes the cake is — how you would scare ppl. I can so relate to it all. That would be the way I’d scare ppl too. You’re a riot.

    Very well done. Total fun reading this!!
    Oh thanks for tagging me. Shall get down to it soon enough.

  10. OK.. one long comment here…
    First about movies –
    when it says One,Two,Three – it’s time to run (away), not invitation; then ‘Fight Club:Members Only’ – you were not members, you should not have dared; now when ‘Aawara Pagal Deewana’ is followed by ‘Deewane Huye Pagal’, it’s going backward(pagal->deewana and then deewana – > pagal), shoulda avoid it …;can’t even make jokes about other two, so they are that pathetic.
    Now about your accessories out of food section- I can only say this- great storage sense, you are gonna be very very popular in hitch hikers and jungle trekkers, probably some secret elite teams on mission too 😛
    Loved your red lipstick and kala khatta trick … Shoulda recommend that to Sagar Bros (Ramayan/Mahabharat wale) for lady daemons.
    And thanks for my First Tagging … I will try to live up to expectation 😛

  11. LOL .. I wud luv to be scared that way 😛
    The 3rd idea is awesome 😉

    Luved the strawberry, anklet and toe ring ideas 🙂

    Me n my friend hd bought lounge tickets for Tom,Dick n harry too 😦 pathetic 😦

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