Cherry On Top

Hey guys,this summer looks the season of tags and awards. Recently i did my first hi 5 tag and now follows an award from NU , Thank you so much NU for this beautiful award 🙂

I am supposed to write 3 things which i like about myself, post a picture i like most and pass on the award to 5 more people !

3 Things I like about myself :

1.My accomodative nature: I think being Libra, i am blessed with this ability of getting along with people . It’s always easy for me to break the ice during the very first meeting with anyone. I am the person who can survive with any kind of people in this world.

2. My BetterHalf : Its V,who completes me..and i just love my completeness with him  😀 😀 😀

3. I am a veggie : I like my decision of being veggie by choice @ the age of 13 and i am proud i am still a Veggie in spite of the millions of attempts made by V and his family to turn me into non-veggie 😉

Ok time for posting my most favorite pictures. There are many pictures in the list,don’t forget i have whole photo blog dedicated to my favorite pictures clicked by V. Here i am posting a picture clicked by my sis during her Nainital trip,its resplendent.

Ok now it’s the time to pass this beautiful award to 5 more people. So guys and girls here you go..Grab your award,edit and pass it on 😀






46 thoughts on “Cherry On Top

  1. Congrats and thanks a lot for the awards. The timing couldnt have been better; just when me another blogger are in the process of conducting blog awards 😀 😀 😀

    “It’s always easy for me to break the ice during the very first meeting with anyone” — you have mastered Karate??? So if at all we meet, I will bring the ice for you to break 😀 😀 😀

    Oh, you have passed the tag also , huh ? 😀 😀 😀

  2. Wow! congrats Sree…and ur header is too good, love the peacocks…and the picture of the sun…Sir Sun is my fav too, and he looks gallant in every pic..personality I say

    good day to u

  3. Congrats Shree and thank u so so much for passing on the award 🙂
    That pic is so beautiful 🙂
    Never knew u hd a photo blog 😛 😛 Thanks for letting us know 😉

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