Who moved my appetite away :-(

It’s official now, I have completely lost my appetite.  Reason is very simple, hubby dear is away in Mumbai working @ client site for more than last 3 months.Me being alone here hardly feel like cooking for myself…morning breakfast,lunch and evening snacks are obviously preferred in office’s pathetic  cafeteria. Initially,I was properly following my normal routine of preparing breakfast n lunch for myself.But now somehow I lost the interest..I am just not into it..its been whole 1 month since I have not prepared anything for myself in the morning.

In the evening when i get back to empty home, only thing I want to do is either read some book or just be myself thinking about V or Joe,my sis. My mind and stomach are closely related entities. Whenever I am extremely happy/depressed i don’t feel like eating.V always wonders how can I punish my stomach for the fact that I am depressed or disturbed over some matter?

Yesterday,while I was in Mumbai with my sis and her roomie,they realised that I have started neglecting my food habits a lot.I understand it’s not good for health but somehow i don’t have control over it. I was thinking about keeping a cook but again,keeping  a cook just for a single person like me who,often eats as good as a toddler 😛 is really waste of cook’s time. So in nutshell its V,who is responsible for this, if he would have been here i would have always cooked..So its him who moved my cheese food away..Come home soon honey,my food is waiting for me 😛

47 thoughts on “Who moved my appetite away :-(

  1. My appetite also goes when I am upset or preoccupied. You could keep some ready to eat fruit in the fridge every evening and carry it to your room, near your laptop, in the car (in a tiffin box ) . Don’t neglect your health. Plan something for when he is back – a surprise – a changed look – your own or the way your house looks… time will pass faster. 🙂

  2. WOW! So much of love… Cool! I wish I may also get a wife like you (though there is a lot of time for it 😉 )!

    But you seriously gotta eat, otherwise your health will go down. I just admire your love towards your husband, just awesome! 😀

    Really, I want to stop writing this comment, but my hands are still typing, don’t know why, may be I am touched by this immense love… :’)

    Ok I should stop writing now, great post! 😀

  3. Wo…. so many comments… I am actually thrilled to see ur progress… I have missed this space for such a long time. and you know why… Reading ur blog after like ages.
    now coming to this particular post, you need a good amount of scolding from someone… and that someone needs to be informed about your apetite moving away.
    but as of now, I want to do that on his behalf… better eat properly or else you will transform into invisible mode soon… take care of urself… hubby dear will be back soon.

  4. lol
    i am the exact opposite. i eat when i am alone or low or down or lonely.
    its my best therapy.
    and showing on my waist line now.
    wifey n kiddo is away from more than a month na 😦
    welcome to the club!

  5. Its indeed very difficult to cook for one person and eat it alone. I too hate it. But, the acidity episode taught me well. And so, now, I eat whether the world is moving or not. he he he !!! 😆

    Take care of your health !!! 🙂

  6. I am with you..cooking food for one person is no fun..and I hate to eat alone..so even when there is food I don’t eat. I just go and eat a random bite once in a while..never a proper meal.. 😦

  7. Oh I totally understand…it’s so hard to cook for oneself and eat. I lose appetite when am alone too…anyway, hope you get back to normal soon dear!

  8. is this a special post by which you let the blog world know you are dieting and have us blame V for not taking care of you? 😉

    if not, then, eat girl eat!!! And V is a bad boy 😀 😛

  9. I am like that too. When hubby is out of town, I never feel like cooking for myself. I just survive on rice and pickles. But now, I have to give something for my son to eat. So, I am forced to cook. 🙂

  10. and i am the opposite of u…when the husband is away yes regular food is thrown out of the window…but i make do with all kinds of fattening junk foods 😦

    Yes it’s all V’s fault…Bad boy! 😀

  11. glad you just left the entity relation at very abstract level for both mind and stomach… believe it or not, i get head ache if I don’t take food on time usually. Exceptions are there too… when I decide to fast once in a month, both the mentioned entities co-ordinate very well 🙂

    take good care of heath… it is everything! off to read that famous speech by Brian Dyson ,coca-cola’s CEO.. hope you too read that once again 🙂

  12. Aww. That’s so cute actually! But definitely not good!
    I understand though, because when in a similar situation, I completely shifted to a Maggi only diet, which was not good in anyway too! Nice blog you have here, and with so many archives, I know what’s keeping me busy this week 😀

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