Run Shree run

This subject line is borrowed from Hitchy but in different context here. You all know May has arrived which is a hot summer here and it has also brought the wedding season. Two wedding functions in the immediate families are coming up shortly,one on my side another on V’s side.

The beauty about these marriages is, they got fixed recently and are happening on very short notice..which is making everyone to run for the preparations. Being elder Daughter/DIL in both the families I have to be present for every function and its preparation.Which means I have to take ample twist here is,Two team mates have already applied leave for the same time frame since December…so their leave is first priority..Luckily,manager has agreed for my leave but I have to complete all my work before going,which means I have to stretch a lot in office everyday.

Every weekend I am hopping to another city for marriage typical scene is Monday-Friday slog in office.Friday eve catch the bus(V not around,so no car 😦  ) and visit Mumbai/Nashik.Saturday,Sunday….”Run Shree Run”, “Run Shree Run”..Monday morning,catch 6am bus from either places,reach directly to the office by 11am or so again Monday-Friday..”Run Shree Run”. So guys I will be running in this marriage Marathon till June 15th. I hope I will be alive enough to post here during all this time..Pray for me 😛  😛  😛

44 thoughts on “Run Shree run

  1. I thought you were going to run in a marathon by looking at the title. 🙂 Anyway metaphorically it is a marathon for you with such a hectic schedule. Keep running and come out a winner. All the best 🙂

  2. Weddings in the family are so much fun.. I get that you are getting pulled in various directions..but I bet you will enjoy yourself as well.. so have a blast..and Run Shree Run 😛 😛

  3. Hey! Have fun in the weddings. I hate’em, lotsa people in one place… Sheesh! Just hate it!! But you seem to enjoy’em big sis! haha! Have fun, don’t forget to eat.. 😉

    And you live in India? I thought you were from the US… :O

  4. Hey, even though its lot of runnings, I know that you’ll enjoy all those plannings, shoppings and being with the family members.

    Run, Shree, Run….Enjoy and Have Fun. 🙂

  5. Wow! Good luck to you!
    I was in a similar situation last month, and that was when I just had one wedding to manage, my sister’s! But by the time it ended, I was totally exhausted , and I am still recovering!
    But then, it’s all so worth it 😀 Have fun!

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