Jab Life ho out of control

Wondering about the title???  Yes, life now is really out of control…I am back from vacations..BTW,marriage was good and I cried to the hell during the bidai of my sis..

Well, back to life now….My maid is on leave for the next 15 days..will be joining on 1st July..Reason : Her newly wed daughter is in town and she needs to be with her  😦 😦 😦

Newspaper delivery guy still thinks,we are away..neither he picks up his phone nor he bothers to notice our open gate 😉 Milkman is better person in comparison,whenever I put a bag on gate,he fills it with milk packet 🙂 🙂

While I was in office for a really short span(that was actually a break between vacations)  and delivered 1 module in hurry(of course due to lack of time and strict deadline)..got some issues on environment..and our client has now bestowed his love and affection on us through his sweet mails 😦 😦 😦

Its ranning like cats and dogs here in Pune causing heavy traffic jams and blocks everywhere..today I reached home really after 1 long hour,which othrwise takes 20 minutes…

Entire day being eventful today..I wanted to relax myself by watching some good movie on TV..but my TV refused to recognise me and my repetitive efforts to switch it on…

Poor me….now grabbed laptop,connected to internet and landed here on my favorite blogPlanet…really jab life ho out of control..one should login to wordpress and say All Izzz Well..like this 😛 😛 😛

38 thoughts on “Jab Life ho out of control

  1. You are right !! Now I’m sure you’re saying ‘aal izz well’ and things will get better that side of the country soon 🙂

    Welcome back !

  2. Thats absolutely true…all u need for a tired mind is some time on the WP and the reader to read ur fav blog posts…. 🙂

    Its raining in Pune….sob…sob….we need some rains here tooo….its becoming hot again…. 😦

    Glad to know that the wedding went on well. 🙂

  3. Haha! Awesome! Life is so much “bad” for you! 😛 Rally out of control… Haha!

    And btw, did you change the comments styling? It looks better now! 🙂

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